6 months of FREE Protein offer! The People’s Protein

6 months of free protein is on the table, hard to believe?  Not really, let me tell you how this already happened and how you too could earn 6 months of free protein.  I met Wendy at the Airdrie 5/10K run this summer where we had our protein booth set up.  Wendy is one of the main reasons this new idea came up; as you’ll soon find out how Complete Truth became ‘The People’s Protein’.

As you may have read in a previous post ‘The Raw Truth about Complete Truth’, getting our product onto store shelves can be an uphill battle.  Not long after I spoke with Wendy when she recommended I give a retail store a call, and before I knew it Complete Truth Protein was on their shelf.  All it took was a recommendation, someone that had inside information, someone that knew someone, and BAM there I was literally standing front and center at a staff meeting introducing Complete Truth Protein.

I always believe there is a repeatable path to success; so many great people claim they stood on shoulders of giants (Isaac newton, Anthony Robbins, ect.) to get to where they are at.  I’m no different with what I’ve learned and what I’ve been able to do.  Through research, learning and experimenting, most of what I’ve done came from someone who’s done it before in some way.  I figured since Wendy knew someone (which was mainly knowledge that this person supports local products), other people do too.  Product managers have friends, people know store owners, we all know someone that knows someone, and often that’s what it takes to get an edge.  Sometimes all you need is a little help, a little push through the door way and you’re off and running.  Sometimes all we need is someone like Wendy.

6 months of free protein

Wendy won 6 moths of Free protein!

I believe in people, I believe in making your voice heard and coming together to make a difference.  So what I’ve decided to do is reach out to you.  Those reading this, those that frequent health food stores, those that make a difference every day with the choices they make through purchases.  So, much like our better than guarantee, I’m going to offer you something no other company is doing and possibly something no other company has ever done!  I’m going to give you the power (which ultimately you already have) to influence retail stores on the products you want to see on their shelves.

All you have to do is send an email to (info@completetruthprotein.co) and request a free sample.  After your sample arrives and you take the sample to whatever store you think is a good fit, send an email to (info@completetruthprotein.co) and let us know which store you’ve dropped off the sample to and when (there are a few stipulations so please read the general terms and conditions before you bring your sample to a store).  I’ll follow up with a phone call to see if they are interested in the product.  If they agree to carry Complete Truth, I’m going to give you 6 months of FREE protein, which is better than a $400 offer!  There’s no follow up to the store, there’s no calling or emailing on your end; all you do is ask for the store manager or ask for the sample to be left for the manager, and that you’d like to see this product on their shelves.  And that’s it, that’s all there is to it.  If you are interested we will take a picture with you next to Complete Truth Protein on the store shelf which you made possible and post it for people to see (course confidentiality will be respected), but I do feel it’s important to let people know you, much like Wendy are real people, and this idea really is possible.

Many times I hear at certain events we attend, ‘wow, this product should be everywhere’, ‘where can I find it?’  I’ve even heard ‘I know the purchasing manager at…..’.  So all I’m doing is offering a little incentive to make that call, to show up and drop off a sample, maybe it’s someone you even know.  More times than not we do know someone that could help, we know someone that could change the face of an entire company.  But we think our vote doesn’t count, we think we won’t be heard or they won’t pay attention to us, ‘what could one person do anyways’?  Look what Rosa Parks did, look what Ghandi did or Mother Theresa; these are regular people that chose to make extra ordinary decisions.  They changed the world and although this is only a protein company, we positively influence lives, we offer an easier choice to live healthier and we offer an option that’s gluten free and dairy free (and a few other things) that people with allergies struggle to find every day.

6 months of free protein

You could help us get on store shelves too!

You could make the decision to not only help those people but help a company move forward that is truly about improving lives.

*We have made updates to our business plan and are looking for specific niche retail stores/individual practitioners.  We aren’t exactly looking for conventional health food stores which doesn’t mean whatever place you have in mind won’t be a good fit.  Here is a link to the the locations we are currently in, we’ll be looking for similar type places listed.  Please feel free to send an email and let us know where you have in mind and we’ll see if we can work together.  Thanks so much for your interest in this post and helping us move forward!

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