Accepting allergies as normal

When did having an allergy become cool, when did we start accepting allergies as normal?  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? When talking to people about food many almost pronounce proudly, ‘oh, I can’t have that’, ‘doctor said that’s no good for me’, ‘well I’m not allergic but I think I have an intolerance’; now there’s nothing wrong with these statements and I think it’s very important to pay attention to how food makes you feel, what it does to your body and mind as well.  But it almost seems like many are becoming proud to say ‘I can’t have that’.  It’s like the cool kids are eating gluten free and we want to play too. Being allergic is a weakness in our body, it’s not natural, it’s not normal (well shouldn’t be) and it’s not the way we were made.  More and more people are becoming allergic to something or other (or at least think they are).  More people are proclaiming foods ‘they can’t have’, and it surprises me when we almost seem proud of it. Do you know there’s no gluten in oats, I recommend oats for breakfast often because of the nutrients; it’s a good source or fibre, it has more protein than many think, you can do different things to it to change it up and it’s easy to prepare.  I can’t tell you how many people say to me ‘oats are gluten free’?  There really is no gluten in oats naturally, what happens is most factories that produce gluten process other grains that contain gluten so there’s cross contamination that spreads over to the oats.  It’s surprising that people that need to avoid gluten don’t know that.   Which is another reason many of us don’t do proper research, we simply chalk up another food that can actually improve our health as ‘nope, can’t have that either’.

accepting allergies as normal

Accepting allergies as normal is something we should really reconsider

Our bodies it it’s natural state, even 50 years ago were built to resist many different things, our bodies were built to fight off dis-ease and stay strong even in the most dire circumstances.  Think of the settlers, think of our grandparent or our grandparents grandparents; now these people were healthy, these people survived on very little; their immune systems were like immovable rocks.  And now compare them to us now, and now consider why accepting allergies as normal is okay? We shudder at the name peanuts, our eyes well up from the smell of toxic perfume (at least mine do) and we claim to be healthy.  Dis-eases use to be for older people, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and more were found in older generations and now we find these same illnesses is children of all ages.  This isn’t something to be proud of, this isn’t something that’s normal or should be.   We were built to be strong human beings, we were built to heal ourselves and not with medication but that’s not the case anymore. We enable our youth by the food choices we make, we don’t teach them how to heal themselves and we don’t give them the tools in knowledge or genes to do so.  We’re quick to claim what we can’t have without proper research, we join the fad club as soon as it hits main stream cause we don’t want to be left behind all the while it’s the opposite we should look for; we should really consider why accepting allergies as normal is okay. We don’t look to foods for the source of our issues, we believe that’s the way it is, we don’t look to the root of the issue and we don’t look to prevent instead of treating.  If we could take a step back, if we could spend a moment considering whole foods, clean food that heals our bodies; if we avoided substances that our bodies were never meant to consume we would be proud to say ‘I don’t have any allergies and neither do my children’.  If we offered tools for a lifetime and treated our bodies like these are the only ones we have, that’s something to look forward to, that’s something to be proud of, that’s the popular kid I’d follow.

Accepting allergies as normal

Our grandparents had far less allergies if any than we do now, that’s the way it should be.

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