What do we do after a detox

Someone recently asked me, what do we do after a detox? I thought, what a great question, why not answer it so everyone can hear it. I guess first of all, I’m not sure how often I say this but I don’t believe in conventional detoxes or cleanses. I don’t really understand them, I mean […]

food can heal

Food can heal

Food can heal is something not often talked about, in fact we believe in medicine and prescription drugs so much so that most people don’t understand how food works at all and even the thought of using food as medicine is completely foreign. The truth of the matter is, we’ve been using food to heal […]

complete meal in seconds

Complete Meal in Seconds

Complete meal in seconds is what we’re talking about.  You know what it’s like when you’re looking for something to eat and you can’t find anything?  On top of that, there isn’t much time to cook or even to prepare something quickly.  So what do you do?  What if you’re looking for something clean, something […]

Accepting allergies as normal

When did having an allergy become cool, when did we start accepting allergies as normal?  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? When talking to people about food many almost pronounce proudly, ‘oh, I can’t have that’, ‘doctor said that’s no good for me’, ‘well I’m not allergic but I think I have an intolerance’; now there’s nothing […]

Read the ingredients first

Read the ingredients first

Read the ingredients first or instead of the nutritional value because we need to know what’s in our food.  The nutritional value quite honestly doesn’t tell us a whole lot.  You can look at the protein content, you can see how many fats are in a product,  you can even see the calories but what […]

Choices we offer our children play a large role in how they live their lifestyle

Choices we Offer our Children

Choices we offer our children is the subject I recently talked about with a friend of mine.  Many times I hear a parent say, ‘she won’t eat that’, so they offer her something unhealthy because she will eat that and of course you don’t want to starve your child.  Now I’m not ridiculing anyone for […]

why are we different

Stop counting calories

STOP COUNTING CALORIES!!!…. is what I wish I could scream to the world.  It seems like everywhere I go I hear someone saying, ‘how many calories are in it’?  I wish one person, just one would say, what kind of nutrients does it offer?  The fact of the matter is, we’re scared of calories.  These […]

External rewards

External rewards

External rewards isn’t something I’m entirely against but when it comes to unhealthy options, it’s something I’ll never entirely understand.  Why do we teach our youth that it’s a good thing to get a prize or compliment by offering something unhealthy?  Now I’m not completely out to lunch when it comes to kids and don’t […]

Educate our children about food is the only way we're beat child obesity and give our youth a chance to live a healthy lifestyle

Educate children about food

Educate children about food is what I want to talk about in this post.  I know this sounds like common knowledge but I don’t think many people are doing it.  Not too long ago I heard a kid say, I don’t want celery on my hamburger mom.  I was in awe, not knowing the difference […]

Fad diets just aren't my thing.

Fad Diets

Fad diets are something that I’m not interested in, in any way.  Because of my profession people often ask me what I think about his diet or that, they even ask if I diet all the time.  I teach lifestyle and that’s pretty much how I work.  I’m simply not interested in the latest fad […]

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