Nutritional Value list

Nutritional Value List

Nutritional value list is something we could change for the better.  When I think about the nutritional value list I wonder how they decided what would be on it.  To me there is a whole lot of improvement that could be added to make it more clear on whether or not we should be purchasing […]

Gaining Energy with Dorothy Keith

Gaining Energy

Gaining energy is something we all strive for at times. In our non-stop society sometimes we are just plain tiered. However, it is our actions that determine our energy level. We feel tiered because of our low activity level, lack of sleep or mal nutrition. As an athlete, teacher and business owner I have to […]

Growth in business

Growth in business

Growth in business is exciting, it doesn’t matter how much at times, just that you’re moving forward.  As a new company with a new idea it’s important for us to continue to move forward in some way.  Given that many people don’t know our products are on stores shelves we need to do staff training […]

Counting calories

Counting Calories

Counting calories is a question that often comes up with someone is trying to lose weight, live healthier or get the nutrients our bodies need.  It’s difficult enough to prepare meals, always have something ready, package and everything else it takes to live healthy, consume clean foods and eat a well balanced diet.  On top […]

New Complete Truth Website

Welcome to the new Complete Truth website!  I’m so very excited to announce the improvements we have to offer.  It’s not easy building a website by any means.  I found it difficult to find someone that was reasonably priced and could offer what I was looking for so I sat down, usually late in the […]

gluten free isn't healthy

Gluten Free isn’t Healthy

Gluten free isn’t healthy is shocking to some when I say that, let me explain why.  We often demo complete truth protein at stores that carry our product.  I quickly found that this is something you have to do especially being a new product.  We need someone there to let people know we have a […]

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