Choices we Offer our Children

Choices we offer our children is the subject I recently talked about with a friend of mine.  Many times I hear a parent say, ‘she won’t eat that’, so they offer her something unhealthy because she will eat that and of course you don’t want to starve your child.  Now I’m not ridiculing anyone for how they raise their child so don’t get all excited in the comments section, I just want to bring up the topic and see what people think.

Let’s say for example your child won’t eat one healthy option so you offer them another healthy option and they won’t eat that either.  I know we want to feed our children and sometimes they need to eat (and may not know it).  But think about this for a second.  Wouldn’t a child eventually eat if all they had was a healthy option?  If you gave them one healthy option after another sooner or later they’re going to pick one.

The problem that I feel is, it’s much easier to give in, go with the fast food, go with the candy, highly processed food or whatever way we can get any nutrients in our child.  If a child doesn’t know anything other than healthy, then they’ll eat healthy won’t they?  I really don’t understand the other side of the coin (and I’d be more than happy to start a conversation that isn’t directed around angry or pointing the finger).

I mean what if you grew up on an island and there was no processed food, there was no candy or fast food, what would happen?  I’d imagine nothing; I’d imagine a child would eventually eat whatever they were given when they were hungry.

The point I’m getting at here is with choices we offer our children, why introduce unhealthy food, what if it’s not even an option.  What if we teach our children about healthy options from the get go, wouldn’t they be much further off; wouldn’t they have all the advantages they need to live a healthy lifestyle?  The sooner we educate our children on what they should be supplementing their body with, the sooner they have lifelong tools to take control of their own health.

Choices we offer our children play a large role in how they live their lifestyle

Choices we offer our children play a large role in how they live their lifestyle

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