Count nutrients instead

Count nutrients instead of calories, seriously, have you even thought about that one?  Many people count calories, it doesn’t matter if the calories come from a big mac or a garden fresh salad, they count the calories all the same.  What if calories from a big mac didn’t count, what if empty calories detrimental to your health was something you didn’t consider counting or what if you simply didn’t consume them?

We have low quality foods, highly processed, those marinated in refined sugar, MSG and more toxins than we can count and then we have clean calories, so why not count nutrients instead.  Those calories that actually improve our health, that are alive and give us energy; these should be in a difference category but aren’t.  These calories should count for more but they don’t.  Why not pay attention to quality over quantity, why not count nutrients instead?

count nutrients instead

count nutrients instead of calories because not every calorie was created equally

We have such a fear of calories, we’re afraid to eat too many when in fact we should be afraid to eat certain kinds.  People avoid carbs when they actually help burn body fat, we avoid fats in general when healthy fats actually burn off bad fat and we truly believe all calories are created equally.

I know it’s difficult to understand because there is so much information out there.  Who do we listen to, who do we trust, everyone is telling us something different?  Just think about it for a moment, make believe everyone is right or everyone is wrong all the same, but this time make your own decision.  Do you think it’s possible a food that has so many preservatives in it, it lasts for months on the counter is as good for you as a fruit or veggies that goes bad in days?

I think if we really thought about it, if we ignored all the nonsense everyone is trying to tell us and made our own decisions, more times than not we’d come up with an educated answer all on our own, which is a great way to understand it’s much better to count nutrients instead of calories.

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