Counting Calories

Counting calories is a question that often comes up with someone is trying to lose weight, live healthier or get the nutrients our bodies need.  It’s difficult enough to prepare meals, always have something ready, package and everything else it takes to live healthy, consume clean foods and eat a well balanced diet.  On top of that some trainers teach counting calories or some people think it’s the only way to lose weight or figure out the best method for them.

I rarely recommend counting calories, in fact I’d never suggest a beginner to so because it just adds one more thing to do.  I wouldn’t say it’s easy counting calories, you have a program or write and calculate on a daily basis which is time consuming, monotonous and it’s not sustainable.  The biggest thing you want to teach, especially someone that’s just starting out is how to make sustainable changes to increase their quality of life.  If you’re trying to do or having someone do all kinds of things that will take away from their everyday it’s be hard to keep moving forward.

Focus on types of food not numbers

Many times when counting calories we’re so busy focusing on the number we don’t consider the type of food we’re consuming.  If it’s a big mac and has a ton of calories that doesn’t always deter us, but if we think about the quality of foods we’re consuming, I’d say that’s a better judge as to weather or not should be consuming it at all let alone how much.

Counting calories

There are other methods to tracking food than counting calories

Recording in a Food Journal

Recording in a food journal in my opinion is a much better way to about watching your food as opposed to counting calories.  A food journal keeps you accountable, it let’s you know what you’re consuming and how often and it’s also a great way to track what foods make you feel good or sluggish or even nasally by going back and lo0king at the patters of what you’re eating.

In Conclusion

Regardless of what someone tells you or what you read it’s always a good idea to guess and test different methods to see what’s best for you.  One thing may work for another person that uses a different ways to track food and dermine what their best quality of life is.  It doesn’t matter if it’s counting calories or a food journal, find what’s best for you and live the life you’re looking for.

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