How to Dehydrate Herbs

How to dehydrate herbs is something I want to talk about in this post because I just dehydrated some of my mint.  If you have mint growing in your yard you know it grows like weeds and given the amount of mint I use (or buy dehydrated) I figure I may as well make my own.

Different ways to use mint:

  • you can throw mint in your tea
  • smoothie
  • shakes
  • eggs
  • baking
  • and more!

Let’s Begin!

First of all I soak my mint in water, I don’t soak or scrub and wash like a would a different fruit or veggie that I haven’t grown myself because I know where this came from.  I know the soil in grew from, the hands that picked it and how it was transported.  I usually don’t know any of these things unless I’m shopping at a farmers market so for this homegrown mint all I did was soak the mint and then put them in a lettuce spinner.  Now I don’t like plastic much, in fact I use it a little as possible but I haven’t found a glass spinner yet so if anyone reading this has any other ideas I’d love to hear them in the comments below.


After I spin the mint dry I pull out my racks from the dehydrator and place parchment paper on them.  I don’t like waste as much as I don’t like plastic so in many cases I wouldn’t use the paper at all.  However, in this case when the mint dries it would all crumble and fall through to the bottom which makes it awfully difficult to collect afterwards.


All the hard work is done, now I place the racks filled with mint on parchment paper inside.


I do have the luxury of a good quality dehydrator, this one cost about $500 is called TSM Stainless Steel Dehydrator.  It has a temperature gauge, an on and off button (some only have a plug in and you can’t control the temperatures), and it also has a number of different layers in case you have lots to dehydrate or even to put in different foods at the same time.


Here is the finished product.  I place my mint in a glass jar and store in that way.  Depending on what I want to use it for, I crumble it up with a spoon so it’s more fine.  You know what the best part about dehydrating mint inside is, the whole house smelled like mint all day…so fresh and so clean!

You can follow this same process for other herbs you grow in your garden, even fruits and veggies.


I’m not a pro, I just share the way I do it, so if you have any tips or suggestions or even suggestions on other posts you’d like to read about, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  What’s your favorite thing to dehydrate?

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