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Fad diets are something that I’m not interested in, in any way.  Because of my profession people often ask me what I think about his diet or that, they even ask if I diet all the time.  I teach lifestyle and that’s pretty much how I work.  I’m simply not interested in the latest fad diet, it doesn’t concern me with what the latest celebrity detox is that everyone is doing.

Now because I wrote a ‘detox’ book, which really is nothing like a conventional detox or cleanse, and because I designed a supplement I suppose there is a level of expectation for me to know more about other kinds of similar products.  There are so many things that interest me that I’d rather invest my time in.  I believe in food, and that’s as simply as I can explain it.  I know, every business type of person out there will say I should know everything about my niche industry but I don’t.

I wrote a simply book that everyone can understand because that’s how I understand food, simply.  I’m not a chef or culinary artist, although I like to cook.  More so because I enjoy it and because it’s medicinal to me; I like the art of preparation and then consuming your art that will improve your health, it is an art and that’s why I enjoy it.  But I prepare simple meals, most would even call them boring.

Fad diets just aren't my thing.

Fad diets just aren’t my thing, I eat simply, maybe even boring just like this picture.

I’ve always eaten for nutritional value more than anything, just recently have I really started enjoy preparing meals and using different spices and flavors.  But before then and even for the most part you’d be surprised on how easy I eat.  I suppose you wouldn’t be surprised if you read Detoxify Yourself because that’s how I eat.  Most of my food can be purchased at a conventional grocery store (although I very much appreciate health food stores), my meals don’t have spices and herbs that you’ve never heard of and there’s nothing (for the most part) that you haven’t heard of or wouldn’t use.  A pet peeve of mine is when you pick up a recipe book, there’s 100 ingredients for one meal and half of what you use to prepare you’ll never use again.

So back to the fad diet and me not knowing much about them, that’s the truth.  I’d rather not research every meal plan out there.  Again I believe in food, whole food; I think if you make an effort to avoid packaged food, read the ingredients list on everything you buy and know exactly what’s going in your body, you’re doing a good thing, you’re being proactive with your health.

We’re so busy trying to complicate life, complicate health that we’re missing the point.  We don’t know how to live healthy because there really are so many things out there, when we’d be better off not paying attention to 98% of what’s said (maybe even what I’m saying now J).   Look to whole food, avoid packaged food, spend more time in the produce section and don’t skip the grain section…and you’ll be just fine.

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