Feeding a disease or fighting a disease

Feeding a disease or fighting a disease are powerful words to me. I was recently at a health conference and David Gaynor put together a powerful testimonial of how we beat a tumor among other things. For some reason the most powerful words I heard him say (and maybe that I heard all weekend was), whatever you’re putting in your mouth, you’re either feeding a disease or fighting a disease.

Now it’s worth noting, I don’t believe in disease like most people, it’s not a great fear for me, and I don’t feel that most diseases are life threatening if we take the proper precautions to first of all prevent, and finally treat, which begins with mind set but that’s as far as I’ll go about treatment of disease in this post.

I believe in Dis-Ease rather than DISEASE which is entirely different. At times our bodies aren’t at ease, more times than not we make choices to make our bodies uncomfortable which means they aren’t at ease. The way we treat them, what we put in them, what we think about them; it’s astonishing. We pretend the body we have right now, isn’t the only one we’ll have (at least in this lifetime). We treat our cars with more care than our own bodies and then we wonder why they don’t always work properly (our bodies, not our cars).

It’s shocking how we abuse our bodies for so long, decide to live a healthy lifestyle for a couple months (if we make it that far) and are surprised when everything isn’t working perfectly again.

Feeding a disease or fighting a disease resonates with me on a deeper level, because I believe it’s true. Think about that for a second. Every single thing you put in your body is feeding or fighting a disease, now look at it the way I see it, stay with me here I’ll only slightly change the words. Everything you put in your body is either fighting against dis-ease or it’s feeding/encouraging dis-ease.

It’s true in every way you look at it! We can put our bodies at ease, we can heal, we can prevent, we can give our bodies energy with proper nutrients, with higher quality food, with living microorganisms…or we can do the opposite.

We can choose to put lifeless, highly processed, toxic foods in our bodies which will only encourage dis-ease, and likely eventually call what most label disease. We can put our bodies in a very uncomfortable state if we choose, which unfortunately is chosen more often than not.

Think about that just for a moment, your next meal, the next thing you eat. Is that food you’re about to consume feeding a disease or fighting a disease?

fighting a disease

Fighting a disease with real, living, wholefood

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