Food can heal

Food can heal is something not often talked about, in fact we believe in medicine and prescription drugs so much so that most people don’t understand how food works at all and even the thought of using food as medicine is completely foreign.

The truth of the matter is, we’ve been using food to heal for generations. This isn’t a new concept and saying food can heal shouldn’t cause people to gasp or look at you in disbelief. We’ve been following the Detoxify Yourself’s 30 Day Lifestyle meal plan for only 6 days up to this point and people can’t believe how good they’re feeling. I’ve heard all types of testimonials and it’s only been a week! Think how far we’ll be or how far you’ll be with your health in only 30 days of a plant based diet centered around putting quality nutrients in your body and avoiding toxins that processed foods brings with it.

food can heal

Food can heal

People don’t completely believe that their mental clarity is exactly from only 6 days of clean eating, we don’t understand we’re sleeping better already! If we reduce the stress on our bodies we reduce the stress on our minds which is all linked back to food. We’ve even had people write and express their excitement around weight loss. Now this plan isn’t designed for weight loss, it’s designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle in a sustainable manner.   But weight loss certainly is a by product of living cleaner.

It’s so hard to explain that food can heal unless you’ve seen it yourself. I recently had a conversation with someone that works at a big supplement company that simply didn’t believe you can live a healthy life without supplementing with your body with pills or powders. With my experience, these testimonials alone, and experimentation on myself, I can’t help but believe food is the answer, food can heal our bodies, and once we start to believe, once we start to understand food is the answer to our health we can start living life in freedom, freedom of our health.

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