Gluten Free isn’t Healthy

Gluten free isn’t healthy is shocking to some when I say that, let me explain why.  We often demo complete truth protein at stores that carry our product.  I quickly found that this is something you have to do especially being a new product.  We need someone there to let people know we have a product stocked on the shelves, we need to let them know what it takes like, and what it feels like.  Mostly so what we feel like.  We’re a new company that takes a different spin on just about everything we do.  The experiences you have with our product doesn’t stop there, it’s more.  It has to do with our staff, out packaging and our customer service.  We want the entire experience of dealing with Complete Truth Protein to be a pleasurable one in many areas, so we’re willing to do the extra things to make that happen.

Given that we’re a plant based company we have both vegetarians and vegans interested in our product.  What’s more is we are gluten free, so again we have customers that are gluten intolerant attracted to our demo booth with strategically placed signage :).

Gluten free isn't always healthy, it's important to read the ingredients as well.

Gluten free isn’t always healthy, it’s important to read the ingredients as well.

What’s often surprising to me is how many people will grab a sample without asking what it is.  Our little protein balls are absolutely delicious, however the base is peanut butter.  So we have two potential problems here; those that are allergic to peanuts and the few that don’t particularly like peanut butter.  Not that long ago I had a lady almost choke after she put the sample in her mouth, then she said ‘oooh peanut butter’ (apparently not a fan).  Then she actually said to me, ‘I guess you should read the ingredients before you try it’.

Gluten free isn't always healthy

Just because it’s free or being sampled doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at the list of ingredients.

The fact of the matter is, many of us don’t read ingredients, many don’t know what’s going in our bodies at any given time.  If this isn’t a concern it should be, especially if your body has an issue digesting something like gluten.

Many people that have celiac dis-ease look for products that say gluten free on them, and I would venture to say, that’s where it ends.  So again we run into a couple issues that I’d like to bring up.  First of all just cause it’s gluten free doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerning by some of the other ingredients in a packaged food.  In fact let me be bold enough to say, we should be more concerned with foods that say gluten free because we don’t know what they are substituting with to get the same outcome in their food.

Along those same lines, packaged food is rarely good for you.  It usually has a long list of ingredients, most of which we can’t read or pronounce and we’re reaching for it just because of the label, which is playing right into the hands of the marketing manufacturers.  Knowing that they put all kinds of toxins and chemicals in food as it is, could you imagine what they do to food if they could direct your attention away from the ‘ingredients’ list and direct your eyes to ‘gluten free’?  It’s troubling for me to think about.

At Complete Truth, we believe in food in all realms of life.  We believe food heals, food cures and food prevents.  But I’m talking about whole food here not packaged food, not food that has never had a life or hasn’t been grown or harvested.  I’m talking about the food our grandparents grew up with, the type of food that needs to be stored in the fridge and actually used before it goes bad.  I’m talking about food that actually does go bad.

It’s important to read the labels weather you have an allergy or not.  It’s important to pay attention to the foods we put in our bodies and it’s important to supplement with whole foods and avoid packages with long lists of ingredients.

So to wrap things up here (pardon the potential pun :)):

  • make sure you have a look at the ingredients before you try anything.  They serve all kinds of horribly unhealthy foods at Costco demos, you see a line waiting and people grabbing just because it’s free; how many people do you see reading the labels?
  • Just because it says ‘gluten free’ doesn’t mean it’s good for you.  In fact, I’d encourage you to be extra cautious if a company could potentially be drawing your attention away from the ingredients list.
  • Look to whole foods regardless of any digestion deficiencies.  Whole foods is the way of the future as it was in the past.  If you’re buying foods without packaging you don’t need to look for any headlines of what it’s free of and you certainly don’t need to read the ingredients list because there isn’t one.

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