Growth in business

Growth in business is exciting, it doesn’t matter how much at times, just that you’re moving forward.  As a new company with a new idea it’s important for us to continue to move forward in some way.  Given that many people don’t know our products are on stores shelves we need to do staff training and demo’s to let people know our product is on their shelves.

This past month I’m excited to say we had 4 demo people working at various retail stores across Alberta, now this may not sound like a big deal but let me explain a few things.  First of all you might have to understand how difficult it can be to get into a retail store, secondly you might have to know how difficult it can be to find someone that cares about your company, wants to see it succeed and it’s just looking for a paycheck.

Growth in business

Genny Mae demoing for us in Canmore, AB

Having 4 people in various stores is special at this point because that’s 4 people standing out in public talking about your product, gaining interest, spreading word of mouth and helping your idea move forward.  Growth in business comes many different ways than just sales.  Some demo’s we sell more than others, but just because we don’t sell doesn’t mean we’re not doing what we need to, to let people know we’re in a store, let them try the product and raise awareness about what you’re doing.

We’ll keep moving forward, we’ll keep looking for demo people that believe in our idea of wholefood and want to help us succeed.  Expanding, moving forward and growth in business at times seems like a slow grind, often things don’t happen as quickly as we might hope.  But at the same time if a small business was to grow too quickly, it could backfire and be counterproductive.

As much farther along as I expected to be, I’m happy with where we’re at.  I’m happy to build a quality relationship with those helping us spread the word and those willing to support our company and carry Complete Truth in their store.  Things will come as they may, we’ll keep moving forward but remain patient in the understanding that more and more people are moving toward wholefood, they’re looking for a truly healthy product and we’ll be here as they continue to come.

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