How Much Protein Should I Consume?

How much protein should I consume is a question that often comes up in the fitness industry especially those looking to gain muscle.  My first answer is always, you should consider where you’re getting your protein from before you consider how much you’re consuming. Many people (especially athletes or those looking to gain muscle mass) consume any protein possible; which means it’s often low quality, marinated in MSG and other toxins or even saturated fat.

how much protein

How much protein should we consume isn’t the only questions we should ask ourselves. How about where it comes from and what else it has in it?

Many times you do more damage than good when consuming too much protein. Think of the incredibly long list of ingredients your protein container has on it, does it literally take up half the back cover, do you really think your body should be consuming a substance with that many ingredients in it, those that you can’t read or pronounce no less? I don’t know how anyone could argue that these supplements would be a healthy or an acceptable substance to put in your body.

Think about what else your body is taking on, how else it will affect your mood and emotions and what the long term effects may be (especially on your liver when we talk about proteins).

I really feel that most people don’t consume enough quality foods and we should be worrying about that rather than how much of a certain nutrient we’re feeding our body (ie. Protein, carbs, healthy fats, ect). I believe we should look to quality first, if we looked to whole foods and less packaged, if we counted nutrients rather than calories, we’d be much better off.

You might want to do some research before flooding your body with as much protein as possible; you might want to consider where it’s from, how it’s treated (both the meat and the animal), who handles it and if the company really cares about your health. I think you’ll be surprised about most of the answers you’ll find if you do your own research, I think you might reconsider the choices we have.

It was difficult growing up as an athlete, rarely is quality considered especially concerning protein quantity. Now we don’t know what long term damage entails from mass protein consumption, cheap quality and other substances consumed like hormones and antibiotics.

No one’s going to do research for you so take control of your health. Look to quality before quantity, find different sources of protein and don’t overload your body (and liver) with sources of protein that bring along many more negatives than positives.

Do you have a favorite protein alternative, if you do I’d love to hear some different options?

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