Complete List of ingredients:

Quinoa, Hemp Seeds, Maca and Stevia

What’s inside?  Many of our customers want to know what’s in the product we’re selling, what’s Complete Truth Protein made with?  Which is a question we love to answer because it’s always important to know what’s in the foods we consume.  Most people are surprised when we tell them in our 2 products we have a total of 6 ingredients!  That right 6.

In our original product we have only 2 ingredients which again is surprising (Quinoa, Hemp Seeds).  

And our second product only has 4 ingredients (Quinoa, Hemp Seeds, Maca, Stevia). 

CTP was designed because the long list of ingredients on most products healthy or not are usually hard to read and understand.  On top of that, the products that aren’t ‘clean’ contain a number of toxic chemicals that pollute our bodies.

Food is what CTP is all about and food are the only ingredient we have to offer, in it’s whole form.  We know this is hard to believe, but think of the future, think of the past.  We’ve healed our bodies for thousands of years with food, before there was pharmaceuticals, before there was vitamins and before there was conventional supplement.  Some people are turned off by the few ingredients we have to offer.

The fact of the matter is many of us are looking for complicated or secret ingredients to improve our health, and that simply isn’t the answer.  If we look to food, if we supplement our diets and lifestyle with quality nutrients we’ll start living that energized life in vitality, that we’re all looking for.

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