Meaningful Testimonials

Meaningful testimonials is something all business owner types enjoy reading. I often wonder how those bigger name types, public figures or large companies receive the endless testimonials they seem to.

The truth of the matter is, those of us that run small businesses don’t know how much we affect others’ lives, or if we do at all. We don’t know if our work is worth it, we don’t know if anyone cares. Then every once in a while, if you’re one of the fortunate ones your product reaches someone willing to share.

Someone who isn’t afraid to express how much your product means to them, someone who you’ve reached on another level, someone who’s life has been positively affected in the way you set out to from the beginning.

These people that speak up, those that care enough to share their thoughts, perspective and experience; those people are the ones that make a difference, those are the leaders of the world who make changes many don’t hear about.

Meaningful testimonials

Meaningful testimonials make all the difference in the world to a small company

Course I’m speaking from experience here, I don’t know if all the time, effort and energy is worth trying to bring a new idea or product to the market. I don’t know if anyone cares, I don’t know if the sacrifices really make a difference or if I should move on and try something else.

Not until meaningful testimonials come through, not until someone cares enough to write down their thoughts and share it with others. Now I’m not saying you don’t care, or that you don’t enjoy the product if you don’t write a testimonial, all I’m saying is I understand that it takes time and effort yourself to write a positive experience. I mean, it seems like someone really has to love your product to come forward and express their gratitude.

For these moments I couldn’t be more grateful. This is why I call those willing to step forward leaders, these are the people that make a difference, because these same customers give me the strength to carry on (and trust me, many days I need it). Meaningful testimonials that come through make all the difference in the world.

They give me new insights, they offer invaluable feedback for not only me that’s trying to improve the company/product, they also offer a perspective from someone that’s not directly in the company.

Sharing meaningful testimonials mean so much, so those who take the time, those that are willing to share their experiences with myself, my team and others I couldn’t be more grateful for your strength offered that could change a whole day, a month or maybe the future of a company simply looking to improve lives.

If you do have a testimonial to leave, I’d be more than grateful to hear what you think. You can do so in the comments below or you could leave a rating and testimonial on our product page by clicking here.

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