New Bag Labels

I’m more than excited to announce or share with you news about our new bag labels.   I’ll be the first to tell you our first bag labels were horrible. That was the first time I designed a product label and boy was it an learning experience. I thought people wanted information, I thought they would pick up the bag and read it, I thought I could reach them with inspiring words. This isn’t the case, not products made for retail store shelves.

protein bag #5

Customers wants something visually appealing, they want brief information, they want to know exactly what they’re looking at in a short amount of time. So after I/we figured out all this, with a short supply of the old labels it was time to make a change, it was time to improve on what we have and move forward.

I believe in business we all feel instant results are possible, results don’t ever come quick enough, and maybe this product could be the one that turns heads quickly.   The truth of the matter is, I needed some experience, I needed that year to be on shelves, to talk to customers, to look at other products and to see what was working for them. Sure it’s different if you can afford to hire someone that knows these things but most start-ups aren’t able to.  It’s different if you’ve been in the retail business and already know what people are looking for, but I hadn’t so as much as I wanted Complete Truth Protein to make some noise right away, it simply wasn’t ready for it.

Things are a little different now, I have a much more clear vision of how this industry works, what customers are looking for, how to reachthem and what direction we’ll be going but looking back, that first year really made a significant difference…growing pains if you will.

New Bag Label Details – Front

So as you can see from the new label, it’s listed very clearly on the front how many servings per container (although some still ask), we also have the ingredients clearly listed on the front (although some still ask that too) which is understandable, most people aren’t use to looking at so few ingredients. We also have the Benefits clearly listed so you know exactly what it’s for; and then finally we list what it’s used for.  

But that’s all, it’s pretty simple, clean and clear, exactly how we set out to make it.

These are all frequent questions we received at trade shows, at demo’s and being around customers which was absolutely essential for this label and for use to more forward as a product and company. So even though looking back, even if we didn’t have a great showing or a whole lot of interest getting out in front of the public was much more significant that we thought at the time.

new bag labels - front

new bag labels – front

New Bag Label Details – Back

On the back of course we have the nutritional value and ingredients list, then on the right hand side we have very clearly listed what our product is free of ie. Gluten free, soy free, dairy free, gmo free, ect. Being more established on the web with our site and social media we have icons that clearly list other places to find us, nothing bigger than our website at the bottom which we hope will encourage customers to have a look at the information and what we’ve designed on the website.  And then lastly I’ve realized how much local support means to us and important it is in general so we wanted to make sure everyone knew where the product was designed and manufactured.

new labels - back

new labels – back

Maybe the most difficult decision was to put my face on the back cover and even name on the product “‘Drew Taddia’s’ Complete Truth Protein”. I’m not sure what I was scared of at the beginning, I’m not so use to honking my own horn or really giving myself a whole lot of credit; but this company is personal, it means a lot to me, it wasn’t made by a large corporation or a team of executives, it was made by me, through my research and life experience as an athlete so why wouldn’t I stand behind it? Why wouldn’t I let everyone know this was made by a person, who cares about the consumer, who designed a clean product that really does improve your health? I’m not sure why not, so that’s what I did.

This was Made for You

I mean this product really was made for you, it was to fight against the norm of the industry that says, ‘these are your only options, so pick one’ , most being unhealthy and drenched in chemicals. So I wanted to make the experience better, I wanted to make the product easier to read and understand and even use so hopefully I’ve done that.  We’ll continue to move forward, redesign, remap, and do everything else we can to show consumers we really do care and we really do have something that’s needed.

Assisted By…..(PS…Thank You!)

I certainly couldn’t have done this myself. I brainstormed with Brenda, Dorothy, Christine and Rozina. I’m very fortunate to have friends that really care about me and the well-being of a product I stand behind. I’m also very fortunate to have incredible creative thinkers and artists helping me out. After the brainstorming session with the group Christine and I came together to clean it up, be more focused and come closer to what I had in mind. And then finally Lyndsay Wasko put the finishing touches on and gave it that professional look you see today.

My posts are usually about half this length so if you’ve gotten this far thank you so much for reading and your interest and as always your support. If you have any suggestions, comment or even questions please ask below. I’m always interested to hear what you think so if you’re brave enough to share your thoughts, what would you have don’t differently to the bag label?

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