New Complete Truth Website

Welcome to the new Complete Truth website!  I’m so very excited to announce the improvements we have to offer.  It’s not easy building a website by any means.  I found it difficult to find someone that was reasonably priced and could offer what I was looking for so I sat down, usually late in the evening and word by word, page by page built what you see here.  I can’t help but be proud, I don’t have any schooling, wasn’t actually taught how to build websites and I didn’t grow up around computers so this certainly was a learning curve.  I think most of us are the same way though, the things you put more time and effort into the more you appreciate them.

New Complete Truth Website

The is the background imagine on our new site!

So the ‘ingredients‘ page is listed right at the top on this site on the ‘tab’ toolbar, which is by far the most common question we get (even after we tell people the ingredients :)).  It’s hard to believe our ingredients are so simple which I understand.  Most products, clean or not, have tons of ingredients so I think we’ll always get a puzzled look when we tell people we have 2 to 4 ingredients.

Our 6 month free protein offer is now listed on the front page, we tell you why we’re the people’s protein and also explain how to get yourself 6 months free.

Benefits is also now listed on the front page, this is simple, everyone wants to know why they should use a product.  We now have very clear nutritional benefits listed on that page.

We still have our free recipe ebook offer which shows you how to use Complete Truth Protein, how it was designed, why and then a way to sign up for our weekly newsletter which offers health, fitness, lifestyle tips and recipe ideas.  And then we made a new page for testimonials (instead of having it on the front page).

One of my favorite new features is a page dedicated to you.  Every once in awhile we get an email with a new recipe from someone who ordered CTP.  It’s important for us to let you know you’re a big part of the reason we’re here, we wouldn’t have a company without the consumer and I hope we do a good job of letting you know how much we appreciate your support.  If you have a recipe with CTP and you’d like to send it in, we’ll be happy to add it to the new page.

That’s pretty much it, besides the boring stuff, like a new host and different back end stuff (which was excruciating to learn at times :)), but I really do hope the new complete truth website is more informative, it makes you feel more welcome and gives you the feeling to visit more ofter.  As always I really do appreciate and value your feedback so if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestion I’d love to hear them.  You’re welcome to send any message to our new contact page as well.

Thank you for your time and reading and your support with CTP!

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