Nutritional Value List

Nutritional value list is something we could change for the better.  When I think about the nutritional value list I wonder how they decided what would be on it.  To me there is a whole lot of improvement that could be added to make it more clear on whether or not we should be purchasing a product.

Where a product is from?

I certainly believe it’s important to know where a product is from.  Now we know most products say ‘made in China’ (or wherever it’s from) for example, but I feel this should be mandatory (if it isn’t) and should be clearly listed in a form of ‘nutritional value’.  Most people look to the nutritional value first, instead of anywhere else, but I feel we could and should change that.

It’s important to support local, it’s important to know where a product is from, how far it’s traveled and who made it.  I believe there will come a time where we have to buy local products because it will be too costly to our economy (if it isn’t already) to purchase products from the other side of the world).

Nutritional Value list

There are more factors than only the nutritional value list to look at

Ingredients list

The ingredients list is more important than the nutritional value.  What’s the difference if it has no sugar if they’re putting aspartame in it?  What’s the difference if there’s no fat but there is tons of sugar in it?  Refined sugar is stored as fat eventually so there really is no difference.   Paying attention to the ingredient list more than the nutritional value list is key to choosing a healthy product.

Who made it?

It’s important to me to know who made the product.  Is it a large corporation that used the cheapest ingredients possible to increase their profit margin, is it a local farmer who supports their family on every purchase; is the company moral, do they have the environment in mind when producing.  These are all questions I ask myself when I purchase a product and if you’re really concerned about your health you might want to think about these things not listed on the nutritional value list.

What do you consider when buying?

There are so many things to consider when purchasing a product.  Most people travel through the grocery store not thinking about the details behind each product; many of us are just looking for the cheapest packaged food to buy.  As you see in this post there are many factors and more than I listed (I wanted to keep this post short).  If you really have your health in mind, if you’re interested in the environment and even the economy or even supporting your neighbor, you might want to consider more than price and more than the nutritional value list next time to visit the grocery store.

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