Our Story

Our Story is something that many people want to hear, it’s something that most people want to hear. And they should because the story means more than anything. The story is what sells a product, the story of creation is how people resonate with what’s been designed.

My name is Drew Taddia and I designed Complete Truth Protein. This will be a less than conventional write up, I’ll tell you my perspective, our story; exactly how and why I designed the product and it’s coming from me. Not some ‘entity’ or like it’s coming from someone else. This really is me writing this.

My dream of playing college sports began as a child when I remember watching college football in my grandmothers basement as she knitted quilts. I loved the screaming fans, I loved the loud bands and of course the action on the field. That is where my dream began of being a college athlete.

Growing up as an athlete I help tightly to the dream of playing college sports in the US. Being one of the better athletes around growing up in Canada I was snapped into reality when graduation came and it was time for me to take the leap into college sports. I wasn’t recruited; I wasn’t picked or chosen for a try out camp, all I did was show up because I believed I was good enough to play. It didn’t take long for me to realize I wasn’t. After understanding I wasn’t the best around, in fact it was quite the opposite, I decided it wasn’t good enough for me to go home and accept that I wouldn’t be a college athlete, that my dream was over. So I set out to find an edge, I had to compete with the competition, I had to find a way to be good enough to be on the field.

Enter Food and Exercise

That edge came from food and exercise. I became a student of health. I knew if I ate properly, if I taught myself how to get faster and stronger; if I was better than the next I would find my place on the field. Before long, being fully engulfed in a lifestyle of elite fitness I became the expert. Teammates came to me for nutrition advice, they came to me for workout programs, they wanted to know how I progressed so quickly and was able to move up the ranks.

On a deep level our story began because I knew food was my answer, so started experimenting with different types of food at different times of day. Before workouts and after, as well as before games, after and in between. I also experimented with supplements; protein powders and vitamins. Given that my body was a giant science experiment, I found myself getting more muscular (which also impeded my flexibility), I felt myself getting stronger as I fed my body nutrients and supplements but I also found myself nasally and didn’t sleep well. So I looked deeper into what I was feeding my body. I began to read the ingredients, pay attention to what pills I was consuming, what was in the supplements ‘we as athletes should be taking’.

Our Story

Above all else, food is the answer to nutritionize your body

Chemicals, Preservatives and Fillers

To my astonishment the harsh chemicals, preservatives, additives and fillers were things I couldn’t imagine putting in my body would be beneficial. So I slowly took out one pill after another, I took out another supplement powder and another; then I began replacing the supplements with better quality food and through no coincidence I started to feel better. I began a food journal and understood exactly what each food or substance was and how it made me feel, how I slept, what emotion I went through and more.

This is when I realized how food, better nutrients and quality ingredients made me stronger and faster, I slept better, I had mental clarity, I healed quicker and could not only perform at an elite level on the field but off the field I was healthier as well.

Our Story

We believe in food over over pharmaceuticals, conventional supplements and even vitamins.

As I continued on with my travels and sport I continued to give advice and learn more about food and the industry, before long friends and family members would ask for nutrition help before I decided to start training clients as a personal trainer. It didn’t take me long to understand many people didn’t get enough nutrients in their day to day diets. Through my personal experience I believe food heals, food cures and food prevents and when I listened to others tell about the quality and amount of food they were consuming I realized most people simply didn’t get enough quality nutrients.

Understanding harsh chemicals, what foreign substances do to our body and that most conventional supplements bring along ingredients our bodies couldn’t possibly recognize, absorb or utilize I set out to design my own product. But this one would be from food. The main purpose of Complete Truth Protein is to offer a convenient way to nutritionize your body. I wanted a product that was made from food, that was easy to understand and easy to read the ingredients (which is also where the name came from, being that there’s no deception or words you can’t read or understand on the label).

I Believe…

That’s pretty much our story, I believe we should support local, I believe we should read ingredients lists not nutritional value labels. I don’t believe in counting calories, I believe in finding out the source of calories. I believe we can change the world, make it a healthy place to live in if we started to use food over pharmaceuticals, nutracuticals, conventional supplements and even vitamins.   I believe if we taught our youth how to prepare wholefoods, together we’d make this world a better place.

Who We Are

We’re not a giant company, we’re a small team of individuals that work together who believe food is the answer, we believe in education of our product and food alike; we believe in customers service and treating those who support us as friends.

If you’d like to hear an interview about me and where I’m at with my teachings as an author, talk radio show host, personal trainer and health advocate you can do so here.

I’ve also documented my research through experimentation on my own body in a book called Detoxify Yourself which is much different than a conventional cleanse. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle and finding your true self.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. If you even have any questions about our product, services or anything else, we’ll always be a short email away.

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