Recipes sent in by you!

Complete Truth Protein, really is the People’s Protein.  We designed this product for you and we want you to be a part of it in every way.  The Complete Truth Protein recipe ebook has recipes included in it that were sent in by you.  We often receive a message from a customer sharing a new recipe on how they use our product.  So we thought, why not share these recipes with you, why not make these recipes public to show everyone different ways on how to add CTP to your diet.  Below is a list of recipes sent in by people just like you.  Some people have asked that their names not to be shared others didn’t mind at all.  If you do have any recipes you’d like to share, send them and we’ll put them on this page!  Please remember that the recipes we share will be refined sugar free and be as healthy as possible, so although we love to hear how you’re using the product, not all sent in will be listed.

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