Stop counting calories

STOP COUNTING CALORIES!!!…. is what I wish I could scream to the world.  It seems like everywhere I go I hear someone saying, ‘how many calories are in it’?  I wish one person, just one would say, what kind of nutrients does it offer?  The fact of the matter is, we’re scared of calories.  These same calories that heal our bodies, that prevent sickness and dis-ease, the ones our bodies ask for on a daily basis, they’re the ones we’re avoiding.

Unfortunately nuts, seeds and grains and other wholefoods that are the most nutrient dense also tend to contain a lot of calories so they’re avoided by the masses.  Instead we choose a low quality piece of meat for example (or bread for that matter) with less calories, but tons of saturated fat (or ingredients we shouldn’t be consuming).  Does that make sense?  Well only if you’re trying to keep a very low number of calories throughout the day, which I wouldn’t consider healthy.

If you’re one of those people that count calories and believe all calories are created equally, you should think again.  Do you think a fast food calories are equal to raw food calories?  Do you think, ‘it doesn’t matter what it is, a calorie is a calorie’, I’d disagree every time.

We should be counting nutrients and I’m almost at the point where I’m going to figure out a way to do so.  We should be looking at ingredients not counting numbers.  We should be looking at where the ingredients are sourced from, not how many more grams I have left to eat in a day.

We avoid what we need simply because of numbers.  We’re successful because we make a certain amount of money, even if we hate our job and hate our lives because of it.  We’re skinny because of a number on a scale that makes us feel good, even though we have no energy and are starving ourselves.  We pay more attention to the things that cost more even though better quality is sold next to free at the thrift store.

My advice would be, stop looking at numbers, quality is hidden elsewhere.

Stop counting calories and look at other aspects of the food you consume

Stop counting calories and look at other aspects of the food you consume like how many ingredients are in these products

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