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  • I think your product is superior due to its nutritional content, simplicity and convenience. I absolutely love your packaging and labeling.

-Paola Ludwig, Certified Raw Food Chef

  • The COMPLETE TRUTH protein product is like no other!  It’s a versatile vegan product that is packed with whole food nutrition and protein.  I recommend this product to my clients for improved energy and blood sugar balance.

-Rick Kohut, Holistic Nutritionist

  • Totally love your product, the only protein powder I consider using now


  • It feels good knowing you can get a product that you can trust is good for you 100%.  There’s no green washing so you can guarantee that what’s on the label is what’s in the product.


  • After I started taking Complete Truth Protein Powder I became extremely excited because not only did it help take away the feeling of achy muscles it also helped me push through exercises I never could prior to using it.


  • Just read your post on testimonials. Funny, cause just this week, while enjoying my morning smoothie, I thought to myself – I should share how much I love this stuff! So,…I’m very happy to share how much I’m enjoying Complete Truth Protein. I purchased from you at the RMSC womens run in Canmore. I’m amazed at how smoothly it blends and most importantly – how great it tastes. That’s so important, because I still have half a jar of another vegetable protein product which I will likely never finish because it tasted so bad. Your creativity, knowledge and passion for health & wellness are obvious (and so appreciated). This site is fantastic! I haven’t tried the recipes yet, but plan to! So far I have Complete Truth Protein every morning with various fruits/veggies and every combination is a winner. It blends so smoothly with everything I throw in it. Also, being a farmer, I so appreciate using a local supplier! Your business represents all things good to me. Thank You! Stay the course – all of your efforts are appreciated…. I’m hooked.



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  • You can’t go wrong with this product! It contains super foods; whole foods that I can make a smoothie with or bake. Drew even has a great little recipe book with easy yet tasty recipes so you are not on your own trying to figure out how to incorporate this into your every day life. I encourage people to read the ingredients on your current protein powder if it has several ingredients or names that you cannot recognize then chances are it isn’t what it is cracked up to be. If you are needing an energy boost then this is the protein for you – sometimes simple really is the best!

    • Great testimonial Krystal, thanks for your kind words. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • I’ve known drew for 10 years or better now. And when I knew he had a book and product’s etc etc. I knew I had to jump on board and support him. From the first week I knew him I realized he was an athlete and elite performer(as well as someone I knew I would friend until this day). We went to college together and played baseball. We majored in the same subject and I’m proud to say he stuck with it as I faded away from it. Nutrition wise, knowledge wise and overall helping others and himself. And I’m so proud and happy for his success. I would agree with everything he teaches and talks about to help make you a better person inside and out. Knowing his work ethic and how passionate he is about health and wellness, I’ll tell you now you can not go wrong with his book or products. It’s very rare you come across such a great product and person. Take advantage now.

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