What do we do after a detox

Someone recently asked me, what do we do after a detox? I thought, what a great question, why not answer it so everyone can hear it. I guess first of all, I’m not sure how often I say this but I don’t believe in conventional detoxes or cleanses. I don’t really understand them, I mean sure it’s great to reset your system I suppose but then what? Here’s what…more times than not we go right back to our toxic lives we lead before we did our 3 day cleanse. So what now, we fill our bodies with toxins again, we’re tired, miserable, full of low quality processed foods until our next monthly cleanse?

I teach lifestyle, it’s what I do; I understand my perspective is different than others, but it simply doesn’t make sense to me to live 3 days a month or every 6 months cleansing your liver and releasing all the toxins build up from our decisions just to go back to the same lifestyle.

The main purpose of this 30 days was to help you understand the benefits of food. It was to help your realize it’s not that difficult to prepare and consume whole foods; to show you avoiding refined sugar and processed foods it’s impossible and more than anything, to show you what life can be like without either.

What do we do after a detox

What do we do after the detox…keep eating whole foods

So what do we do after a detox, that’s up to you? I hope I’ve opened your eyes, I hope I’ve given you the tools to help you lead a healthy lifestyle for not 3 days and not even 30. I hope you carry on, make better decisions and continue to improve your health. That’s what I hope, but we both know, ultimately the decision is up to you. Even before I or Detoxify Yourself came into the picture, health decisions are yours and yours alone. You can choose to move forward which again I hope you do.

If these decisions are ours, and I know my perspective is different than many others but I don’t see how a person could go back after their eyes have been opened. I know for a fact from testimonials how this 30 days improves lives. I know it makes many feel better, I know we’re sleeping better now, I know we have a better understanding of ingredients and how to prepare whole foods.   I know that, for a fact.

I don’t understand how a person could go back to eating GMO’s after understanding what the industry does to us when they take that choice away. I couldn’t possibly understand someone going back to low quality packaged food every day after feeling what natural energy is like. But that’s just me, and I certainly hope this doesn’t sound like a guilt trip.

I don’t judge, each choice is our own and that’s the way it should be. Our health, until we get it, I mean until we grasp it with two hands is a constant battle. We have to get up, and try again. And I don’t mean try a different diet, I mean the next day try to make a better decision, and after that day is over, tomorrow is the same thing. Day after day, we need to work towards better in every way.

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