Why are we different

Why are we different, why should I choose your product over the one I’m using, what makes yours better and why does it stand out? And let’s not forget about taste…..

What’s it taste like?

What’s it taste like is a common question when people talk about Complete Truth Protein. Course everyone wants to know what a food tastes like before we actually purchase it. The thing that many people might not realize is, Complete Truth Protein is a food in every way. It’s a whole food, it’s grown, it’s alive, it perishes; there’s no preservatives or any reason to keep it on the shelves for an extended period of time. Those few reasons right there are the most important reason we answer when asked, why are we different.

I understand when people purchase a protein supplement, they’re looking for chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavor; they’re looking for a magical sensation on their taste buds that can only be manufactured, not produced naturally or even grown. For the most part it doesn’t matter who we talk to, many people believe fake substances really are food, which certainly isn’t the case.

Food that we consume should go bad, it’s as simple as that. Your conventional protein supplements that sit in the cupboard for a year and have the same nutritional value as when you bought it shouldn’t be consumed, period.

why are we different

Our product doesn’t mix like one of these because it’s not one of these, we offer a whole food supplement that’s different in every way

How does it mix?

Complete Truth Protein was not built equally to other supplements, because it’s not a supplement, again it’s a food. The next question I get is, how does it mix.? My answer, like a food. Again this is hard for most to understand. Think about a smoothie for example, there’s textures, there’s fibre, there are other foods mixed together, blended if you will until it’s relatively smooth. Now take a conventional supplement, mix it with water, even milk and what do you have. You have a well-mixed supplement that resembles something manufactured and processed so highly it’s a wonder there are any nutrients at all. The truth of the matter is Complete Truth Protein doesn’t mix like a conventional supplement, it doesn’t disappear like it was never there, just the same as it doesn’t taste like something from a cartoon. This is a real food in every way.

why are we different

Why are we different, how does it taste and how does it mix?

What we’re not working on…

I certainly understand many people want conventional supplements, we want something that tastes absolutely delicious, we want something to mix up like it’s not even there. Maybe we even want our products to last on the shelves forever. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a product you want, we should have what we want. Conventional isn’t us though. We’re not working toward a synthetic taste that would lower our quality and have our product taste heavenly. We’re not working on a ‘healthy’ preservative so our product lasts longer, and we’re not even looking for ways to make it blend like it’s not even there.

What we are working on…

We’re working towards changing the mindset of the mass, offering those that know about food a real healthy option. We’re working towards finding a niche for fast food that’s healthy, which is hard to believe and mostly very difficult for others to wrap their head around. Health food should be simple, it should be easy to understand, it should be easy to use and you should even be able to prepare it yourself. This is an uphill battle we won’t shy away from and we won’t change our morals or values to be the same as everyone else. We’ll continue to be different, stay loyal to those that understand us and we’ll continue to help those understand that don’t’

This is a simple write up to help others understand when they ask, why are we different.  You’re more than welcome to share this page if someone ever asks about our product and why you choose health above all else.

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