Why we Should Avoid Plastic

I often write about how I don’t use plastic bags at the grocery store, but rarely explain why, mostly because I don’t feel I have to. I don’t use those tiny fruit and veggie bags that are nothing more than wasteful and I’m not interested in purchasing cheap plastic toys that will break 10mins after purchase.

To be quite honest with you I feel it’s irresponsible to use plastic in most cases.  It seems like we’re completely oblivious to our surroundings.  Landfills are full of cheap plastic toys let alone those bags we use at the grocery store.  Oil is NOT a renewable resource although we use it like it will never end, and our oceans are filling up with plastic endangering animals and a food source at an alarming rate.

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This is happening right in front of us, because of us, and we walk around like we aren’t able to do anything about it; like our choices don’t make a difference, like we don’t change the world (good or bad) with every decision we make.

I don’t even know what to say or do at times other than shake my head. When I visit the grocery store people look at me funny, maybe look down at me; I’ve had clerks actually argue with me or even try to talk me into using plastic bags when all I want to do is reduce the plastic and do my part in saving the planet.

How can we not know there is an island made out of PLASTIC floating in the Pacific Ocean the size of TEXAS! How can we not understand we contribute to it every day with the choices we make? How come we don’t care, how come we don’t make a different decision? I don’t understand all of these answers, I don’t understand why this is a secret, why more people choose not to use plastic and why you’re called names or looked down upon if you do. This whole situation is backwards if you ask me.

why should we avoid plastic

I found this plastic bag in my water barrel. I couldn’t imagine what the ocean must be like.

I don’t say too much, I really don’t. In most cases I work towards leading by example which is no different here. I’ll continue to avoid plastic as much as possible, I don’t even plan on using those tiny bags no matter what kind of mess it leaves on the belt.

These decisions are mine, but they aren’t for me, they’re for the planet, the one I love and enjoy living in but also being a part of.


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